​​– […] Each photo is a visible thought. Each picture carries along its own veritas a breath on the rippled surface of the world. […] through her sensitive and original eyes we can discover meaningful details, […] parts of our life that reach thew beauty of abstract thought; in the folds of the things of the world Angela picks pure instants of visual joy. Paola Facchina (Art Historian)

​– […] Angela Chiti’s work is the fruit of a purely abstract language, where colour and light accompany the
observer’s gaze into a suspended atmosphere, directing it towards works from which an allusive vision of
reality emerges. Thus, the forms appear transformed, shadowy images which appear to emanate from
their creator’s subconscious, as if in transit to a space somewhere between reality and a dreamlike vision.
Paolo Levi (art critic, journalist and essayist)

​​– […] Angela Chiti presents her latest photographic work. These images have no physical condition which ties them materially to a place or to a circumstance; instead they transpire and transmit a deep and distant feeling, without time and without place. Angela‘s photography subverts the idea that the photograph itself instantly immobilises manifest reality; on the contrary, it renders visible the inscrutable explicit. The paths that photography characterizes prove to be introspective tracks, indications of other places, in the on going discovery of new aesthetic and semantic theories. Sonia Zampini (historian and art critic)

– […] Angela gives form to that which is difficult to understand, with a language we can sense yet not fully decode.
She gives form to that which has no form, she insinuates herself into the genomic and geometric sequences of the most diverse surfaces of dream and reality.
Searching for that something which lies just a step beyond our imagination. Microcosms of colour in metropolitan archaeology – melodies of light – prints – tears – alabaster and snow – suspended engineering – lost flights fleeing …
It is a strange enchantment that enables us to look within and give back substance to the world.
A rarefied world which we are losing.
Alessandra Borsetti Venier (art critic, editor)

– […] The way in which Angela Chiti’s images are determined by diverse sources of inspiration, subsequently subjected to emotional codes and memory, arriving finally at the more subtle realms of dreams and the unconscious, is worthy of note.
It is clear that we are speaking here about a strong existential element which is in intimate harmony with a vital empathy.
This is a result of Angela Chiti’s poetic vision of the world that surrounds her and that offers itself up to her gaze, capturing that moment of an aesthetic encounter and experience which is not a passive recording of what is, but an active interpretation of an image or form.
Luca Landi (philosopher, visual arts critic)

– […]Angela Chiti’s latest photographs propose a silent and suffering humanity, seemingly rewakening from a stony hibernation.
A humanity that starts to breathe once again.
The exibition in question is the culmination of a journey into twentieth century, largely tuscan sculpture, with emphasis on the female figure.
This choice is the key to her artistic research which, as always, shifts from a strongly autobiographical need towards an attempt at synthesis that succeeds in reaching all of us.
As Klaus Mann clearly claimed: ‘‘We cannot write if not of that which condemns us to stand on burning coals‘‘. So what does ‘‘Stone Breathing‘‘ aim to achieve?
Taking on a totem like sculpture, in conditions that are by no means ancillary, with photography that competes on equal footing. Ivan Teobaldelli (writer)